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The name of the star

Well,  I read this on the recomnendation of a friend,  otherwise I wouldn't have been too eager to read something by a member of that Cassie Claire bunch.  In retrospect,  that bit of knowledge made some things look very different. 


It's an okay book that is genuinely eerie and scary in some parts,  but it's not one you'll want to or need to read twice.  Everything is on the surface:  there are no depths.


Even so,  I still read and finished the bloody thing in a night and a day. STILL HAVE NOT FINISHED THAT BLOODY WHAT'S-HIS-FACE BOOK. 


Aurora (Rory)something-or-other is going to school in London thanks to a move necessitated by her parents something-or-other.  I can't remember that was. While she's there, someone begins to re-enact the Jack the Ripper murders.  You can figure out what's going to happen,  there,  right?  Somehow the Ripper gets focused on her because she has a very unusual skill.  Just once,  could somebody NOT have a special skill or ability or name?  


A fun way to pass a day,  buuuuuuuttt....