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Plum Island - Nelson DeMille

Yeah,  I'm reading about sixteen books at once,  shoot me.  


This is not a book I'd read more than once.  The central character is pointlessly sexist,  smarmy,  and not that bright.  If he weren't such a jerk just because he CAN be a jerk,  he'd probably solve the murder faster.  His jokes are.....boring.  If he weren't a jerk,  he'd have no personality at all.  


Yeah,  I understand unreliable narrators,  but this is just.....pointless.  He's not flawed enough to be damaged or tragic or his own worst enemy;  he's the sort of guy who uses  Dad jokes that are a little dirty to call attention to himself.  That's because he doesn't have the brains or the character to work at anything.  Still,  he's low level annoying,  mostly because he's so lazy.  In that,  he reminds me of some people I know,  who like to th u nk their boorishness is some kind of rebellion,  when all it really is,  is trying to turn jerkhood into something political.


If he weren't annoying,  he'd be a blank space in the memory.  That's not good.  You cannot ball up a bunch of personality traits and call that a personality.


The mystery moves along fairly slowly,  with seemingly no developments till about the halfway point.  I'm determined to finish it,  but that'll be it for this series,  I think.