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The first sign is when you use it as an excuse

Basement Boy-----i.e., Kevin Weinberg,  who writes either for people who are just learning English------a very tough job,  I commend them----or the sort of bored teenaged girls who don't want to think too much. The ESL crowd might be missing nuance,  and the simpering fangirls might be young,  but their eagerness to harass people because Mr. "Feminazis Want Muh Vidya Games" says so is all on them.  I think girls band together because life is really scary and complicated for them;  bless their hearts,  Harmony----Er,  I mean,  Kevvie-----pays attention to them and makes stuff seem simple -------which for him,  it is,  because he's perpetually 12.  He's also claimed----or others have speculated-----that he's on the spectrum somewhere.  I don't care,  because I don't buy it.  He CAN DISH IT Put BUT He Can't TAKE it.   He uses it as a cover to harass and threaten women-----and ONLY women.  And only women who call him on his bullshit.  Funny,  that's a really SPECIFIC kind of syndrome he's got. Whatever it is,  though,  it's NOT what he wants you to believe it is. 


Kevvie has spent the week threatening to and trying to doxx me,  in true STGRB style. When I get pissed  off at him,  in response,  he makes his earlier provoking disappear.  Or tries to.  Because he's special,  and he gets to do what he wants.  I suspect his mummy tells him that,  along with his surrogate mummy,  Anne Rice.  He's been suckling up to her for ages,  hoping for a reach around,  but with her deleting all her bullshit from Amazon over the weekend,  I think it finally dawned on him that she wasn't going to get her hands dirty. 


You have to check out Mahala's correspondence with him to see the petulant boy toad in all his,  er,  glory.  He threatens,  then whines when she says she'll call the cops. Then he turns around and declares that she THREATENED him!  And his FAMILY!  Keeping up?  He threatened  her,  she said she'd call the cops.....and he tried to lie about say SHE threatened HIM.  


More later.