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The Lion's Game

The Lion's Game - Nelson DeMille

   Obnoxiousness is not or should not be a whole personality.  The lead character sails through life,  being an asshole,  but thinking that he's incredibly funny and amusing. We get frequent boner updates,  as well as assessments of every attractive woman around.  Unattractive women either don't exist, don't matter, or are invisible.  John never experiences any emotions beyond horniness and dick waving,  and the other characters are little better.  There are no distinctive personalities among all the characters. He has no insights,  no imagination,  never changes.  The villain,  if you can believe it,  is even worse. John is wooden but Khalil is plastic---and venom.  The women dress in sensible shoes,  occasionally fuck their coworkers,  and that's it.  Somebody could twist all this and make it horrifying.  


I gave it two and a half because the grammar was decent,  it was spellchecked,  and that's that.


Actually,  I'm going to deduct at least a half because at two points in the book,  John describes two reviewers he hates reading.  These are two people who gave the author's awful book "The General's Daughter" bad reviews.  I simply cannot believe and have not known women who behave like some of DeMille's female characters.  If a woman wanted revenge for a gang rape and had access to guns,  I rather expect she would not cook up some elaborate and manipulative scheme;   she'd take the guns and go to town.