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incoherent bullshit from an MRA

DEFEAT FEMINIST: False Rape Claims: A Men's Freedom Manifesto - Phillip John O'Sullivan

What a shock.


Anybody who freaks out about "false rape" accusations is an asshole.  They're rare and often what are called false are actually,  I don't like this bitch or that can't be rape because I do that.  


And,  shocker,  the writer blames feminism for everything.  


"Feminists kill millions of  mainly European citizens;  European men sacrifice their own bodies and lives for them every day wresting life for them in dangerous daily occupations.  What then do they do for us?  What reward or return do they give us?  Nothing but heartache and despair. They do not deserve the vote."  


And this next section---where he declares Feminists declare all men are rapists-----has to be seen to be believed.