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And on the other hand,  you have a guy who's eager to defend a scumbag,  just because they hate the same person.


GG is all about loses who are such wimps they can't take it when women-----and/or reality----- disagree with them. Nothing says "macho" like guys who act like they'll melt if... Anita Sarkisian criticizes their games.


That's it.  That's the whole deal.  They know they're shit,  but if a game critic says so......what,  exactly?  Kind of like shifty writers demanding excellent reviews for shitty books.  No,  you didn't earn those.  Try harder.  Write better.  Oh,  no editor?  That's not a good start. 


I can only conclude that what drives both bunches of whiny as shoes is the knowledge that they really do duck and can't write.  Writers want to write better; scammers fear criticism for fear of reducing sales.  Their heart's not in it,  just their wallets.


Or piggybanks.